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Cottage Prayer

December 08, 2018
Cottage Prayer at Mr. Binil Mathai, Ulwe- 7.30 pm

Women's Fellowship Prayer

December 08, 2018
Women's Fellowship Prayer at 4.30 pm in Jubilee Church

Harvest Festival:

November 25, 2018
Our Harvest Festival Service will be at 3.00 pm.Rev. Jess Mathew achen of our Chembur Church will be the preacher and the celebrant. Requesting your presence and active participation in the service and auction. The church expects your involvement both in cash and kind.

Cottage Prayer

November 24, 2018
Cottage Prayer at Mr. Sam Thomas, Kamothe- 7.30 pm

Diocesan Council Meetings

November 23, 2018
Mumbai Diocesan Council Meetings.

Fish Pickle Preparation

November 18, 2018
As usual, we will be having fish pickle preparation at Vashi Farm House. The Church requests all of your participation. Our Management Committee Members and the Women's Fellowship Wing will be giving leadership for the same.

Women's Fellowship Prayer

November 10, 2018
Women's Fellowship Prayer at 4.30 pm at Sanpada

Jubilee Union V.B.S

November 05, 2018
Joint V.B.S of our four Congregation of the Jubilee Church will be commencing from 5th to 10th of November 2018.


May 01, 2018
Presbyter-in-charge Rev. Binju Varughese Kuruvilla is transferred to Adoor, Thazhathumannu and the new presbyter-in-charge will be Rev. Aby K. Thomas, who comes from Cherukunnam, Kerala on 24th May 2018. From 1st May to 23rd May, for further pastoral assistance, you can avail Rev. N.C.David achen.

Sunday School

May 01, 2018
Sunday school will be reopened on 2nd week of June, 2018.