Presbyter message

Dear People of God,

"When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy".God decided to speak to some Gentile men. The Bible does not tell us who they were. Doubtless they were students of the stars and probably some of the wisest men of their time. The Bible says they saw a star in the East, which they knew to be the star of Christ. Upon seeing that star, they became excited and made the journey to Jerusalem so they might inquire about the birth of the Messiah. This star led them to Christ. It told the wise men that the Christ had been born. Then they went to Jerusalem. They traveled through the arid desert country. No doubt it was a difficult trip, but they would not be stopped. They inquired as to the place of the Messiah's birth. Ultimately they were taken to the scribes and told that the Christ would be born in Bethlehem. As they proceeded toward Bethlehem, the star appeared, leading the way to the Christ. We ought to be like that star leading people to Christ, always showing the way to Him. The star attracted their attention. The word of God taught them the exact details. The light led them to the Christ and stopped there. The light of every Christian needs to lead others to Christ. Do not lead people to church buildings or programs and leave them there,but lead them to Christ. The wise men knew that God was leading, and they rejoiced when they saw the star. They finally arrived at the house where Jesus was. They entered the house. They did not hesitate; they immediately came to Him and fell down before Him and worshiped Him. They had found the revelation of God. The wise men worshiped the baby Jesus. Theirs was not curiosity gratified but devotion exercised. We also must worship the Savior, or we will never be saved by Him. He has not come to put away our sins and then to leave us ungodly and self-willed. Oh, you have never worshiped the Christ of God, may you be led to do so at once. He is God over all, blessed forever Adore Him. Dear Lord, we are often blind to your leadership and deaf to our responsibilities as your children. Help us to follow the light of your leadership, and give us wisdom and that revelation in our lives. May we apply in our daily lives the wisdom that comes from your Word and from the Holy Spirit. For theglory of Jesus, Amen.

Rev. Aby K Thomas

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