Presbyter message

Dear Beloved- in- Christ,

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ”

“How hard it is for the rich to enter the kingdom of God!” Mark. 10:23

Jesus uttered these words in confrontation with a rich young man. In reality, Jesus was confronting this man with a basic and essential question---“How much do you want real Christianity? Do you want it enough to give your possessions away?” Moreover, the man had to answer in effect, “I want it---but I don’t want it as much as all that.” “The malady of not wanting enough”, was the tragedy for the man who came running to Jesus. Most of us suffer from this malady. We all want goodness, but so few of us want it enough to pay the price. 

Prosperity and Blessings

The disciples were amazed by these words of Jesus. The reason for their amazement was that Jesus was turning, the accepted Jewish standards completely upside down. Popular Jewish morality was simple. It believed that prosperity was the sign of a good man. If a man was rich, God must have honored and blessed him. Wealth was the proof of excellence of character and of favour with God. But Jesus repeated his saying “How difficult it is for those who have put their trust in riches to enter the Kingdom.” 

Prosperity and dangers

i. Material possessions tend to fix a man’s heart to this world: He has so large a stake in it, he has so great an interest in it, that it is difficult for him to think beyond it, and it is specially difficult for him to contemplate leaving it. 

ii. Material Possessions tend to make him think of everything in terms of a price: If a man’s main interest is in material things, he will think in terms of price and not in terms of value. He will think in terms of what money can get. Prosperity can so very easily make a man arrogant, proud, self-satisfied, and worldly. 

Prosperity and values:

Many of us forget the fact that there are values in this world far beyond money, that there are things, which have no price, and that there are precious things that money cannot buy. It is fatal when a man begins to think that everything worth having has a money price. We will be judged by two standards- how we acquired our possessions and how we are going to use it. The more we acquire, the greater the responsibility that rests upon us. Are we all aware that we are the stewards of God?

This month we are going to observe Youth Sunday and planning to conduct National Youth Conference. The above biblical exposition states that the rich young man failed to take the challenge, which Jesus Christ offered. “Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then, come, follow me.” To follow Christ, we have to spend expensively. How we are giving offering to the Church and its various ministries. Nowadays, compared to elders, youngsters are the more earning people. But the financial state shows that seniors are offering more than the youngsters. This is because; they inculcate the habit of giving from their parents and ancestors even in times of difficulty. We have enough money to spend for entertainments, parties, clothes and for our personal use. We have time to spend with our friends and dear ones. We have no hesitation to do a help for an influential person. The rich young man is a failure in Bible to see the needs of the needy, even though he did all good works. 

You may also do good works, by obeying your parents, attending the worship service regularly, reading the bible and memorizing it. But the cost of discipleship is a sacrificial one. We have to give generously to ministry and mission of the Church; we have to spend our time and energy for the Lord.

With love and prayers.

Rev. BinjuVarugheseKuruvilla